Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Admitting is the First Step

With this post, I will take a break from yelling about crap I don't enjoy, and instead make a confession to my readers (All six of them.):

I am a comment addict.

On my own stuff, for instance. If I put up a piece of Deviant Art and someone doesn't comment if they favorite it, I twitch a little. If I put up a piece I actually like and nobody comments, I die a little inside. The fact that the maybe six of my friends who say they read this blog have yet to comment on anything here makes my heart hurt. I am very much not well.

Of course, this is to say nothing of comments on things that have a following. It's one thing when my mediocre animoo gets commented on and I dance inside my mind. It is quite another to just HAVE to read all the comments on, say, a blog post that has a devoted following. I must have wasted hours reading comments on a post at Sadly, No! or some hacked object at ModTheSims2. I could likely spend half my time on the internet doing something more constructive if I didn't NEED to know what the masses thought of some post over at BoingBoing.

The thing is, I almost never comment on anything. Something has to particularly strike me for me to give feedback on it. It's more like people-watching than anything else.

I'm not likely to spend much time thinking of a response, but I will stay up until daylight, telling myself, "I will go to bed after reading these comments." Then, of course, I will forget I told myself this, open up a new tab full of comments to read, and begin the sick, depraved process over again.

So it would be really cool if I got some comments on this post? [insert emoticon here]


ShiroiTsuara said...

Empty Comment board is Empty.

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a comment addict myself. :3
But I get some fill from JessKit, since she's bound to comment in the end.

I'm bad at commenting myself, because I look at something, and say "Oh, that's really cool!" mean it, but then when I go to leave said comment I'm like, "Well, I'd leave that, but that seems like a total cop out. I'll not say anything at all, rather than look like an apathetic idiot."

This goes doubly for friends.

~Matt <3

P.S. I made a Blogger just to post the comment! Weather I use it or not is up to my future! Hurhur, lols!

Nicole said...

I reaaaaaad. Course I never comment on anything ever.

but i promise i reeead <3

its weird, i can use my gmail account to post on blogger o_O. google must own blogger and therefore make my life easier! score!!


Anonymous said...

She just enjoys lurking.

Anonymous said...

I loves you.
I'll read your blog religiously!
AND comment on your DA! :D!