Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Caved.

I have accepted that my Deviant Art Journal won't get my feelings out to the internet like I want my feelings out there. So allow me to introduce myself. I am your lovely hostess, L. E. Hairstylist, also known as the Rurouni Idoru. No, neither of these are my actual name. The first is a pun on my actual name, the second is an identity based on an elaborate inside joke from at least four years ago. I'll get to actually using my real name on a real blog when people start caring about it.

I'm a feminist hippie who likes shaving her armpits and fancy soaps. I love bacon, sugary stuff, and tea. I don't like a whole lot of vegetables or fancy foods. I love the Beatles and most of the wives they've had. (Not Heather Mills. Very much Yoko Ono.) I like memes, I hate /b/. (Which I suppose means I do liek Mudkips.) I'm a pacifist who gets violently angry. I'm anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-fatphobia, anti-homophobia, anti-ageist, and just generally anti-stupid-bigotry. I do try and recognize when my privilege is showing. I'm white, middle class, and despite my best efforts, somehow conform to western beauty standards (apart from being tall and disdaining glasses).

I love cheap fashion, especially great thrift store finds. I love love LOVE art. I want to be Salvador Dali when I grow up, upward-pointing mustache and all. If I had enough money I'd start a wig collection. I don't drive. I like anime but can't really be bothered to look at anything new or really keep up with any of it. I prefer to get my news from the internet and the Daily Show than actual TV news. My heart shattered when George Carlin died. I'm deeply in love with the English language. (This means I like to correct people's grammar. Be warned.)

There's a lot more about me, too. I can only hope my silly blogging will reveal most of it.

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Anonymous said...

A lovely introduction, my lovely. It makes me adore you all the more. <3